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8pm - 10pm

Michael Brun Musical Performance

 (Couple $50)



7pm - 10pm

Bon Gout BBQ, Open Bar, and Michael Brun  Musical Performance

 (Couple $200)



6pm -10pm

Meet and Greet, Bon Gout BBQ, Open Bar, and Michael Brun Musical Performance 

 (Couple $1,000)


Dear Friends,

 Friends, the need to plant more trees on earth has never been more critical than now. With fires the size of New Jersey tearing through the Amazon, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses are accelerating global warming causing devastation in the form of massive hurricanes, drought, and rising sea levels throughout the entire planet. This is why we need you to help us take action by supporting our program that plants trees. Trees are the medicine to minimize the devastation of the planet. 

 On behalf of the Board of the Haiti Friends, please join the Haiti Friends Leadership Committee for 2019, Thursday October 17that the North Park Lodge, 6pm-11pm. Your support will help us #ReforestHaiti and battle the dire effects of climate change in some of the most vulnerable communities. 

Despite the incredible challenges we face in Haiti, over the last 14 years through the Haiti Timber Re-Introduction Program (HTRIP) we have made unimaginable progress to fight deforestation and food insecurity in the Artibonite region of Haiti. While inflation skyrockets, Haiti’s political instability and stories of corruption and violence dominate the headlines, we at Haiti Friends have been quietly working in the countryside with small farmers to grow forests where there were deserts; create abundance where it was deficient and change the literal landscape in a deforested nation. With your help, I know we will continue to do the impossible. We will continue to fight climate change, and environmental degradation by planting trees through our grass roots organization. The farmers we work with remain highly motivated because after 14 years they see the change growing all around them. 

To help celebrate our progress and to celebrate your support, we are bringing in some very special treats for you. Music guest Michel Brun, famed Haitian producer who Time magazine touted as “A cultural ambassador for his island home”," Esquire Magazine says, “Michael Brun might be the biggest thing to come out of Haiti in the 21st Century”, and Rolling Stone Magazine states is, “Taking Haitian rhythms global.” Leadershipwill have a special meet and greet opportunity with the artist before the performance.

I’m also very proud and excited to bring my Miami-based, award-winning Haitian BBQ restaurant, Bon Gout BBQ to Pittsburgh to cater this event. New York Times has said of us: “Barbecue Fuels the Irrepressible Little Haiti", Miami Herald says “Haitian Barbecue? It’s a hit in a changing Little Haiti”, and the Miami New Times has called us “Best Caribbean Restaurant Miami 2019." Leadership will be treated to a special Haitian pumpkin soup called soup Joumou, also known as freedom soup. Haiti Friends Leadershipand Foodieswill be treated to our award-winning chicken, ribs, brisket, and Haitian sides as well as an open bar.

I need youto join me in this effort to fight climate change, environmental & economic deterioration, and food insecurity in Haiti. We are working with farmers to plant millions of trees, which is battling the massive topsoil erosion, while improving the economy and quality of life for so many. It’s all thanks to supporters like you.

Please join me October 17th for our 2019 fundraiser called “Manje Manje," or, “Eat Food”. We will be cooking up award-winning Haitian BBQ, while Michael Brun will be bringing the new sounds of Haiti to the dancefloor. You, as members of the Leadership Committee of Haiti Friends, are the champions of these trees that make life better in Haiti. 


            Manje Manje                North Park Lodge North Ridge Drive, Allison Park, PA 15101

Thursday October 17th 2019

6pm - 11pm


Please join the committee by checking “yes”on the enclosed reply card and return it to Haiti Friends with your contribution. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your most generous support.



Edward Rawson  

Executive Director               

Haiti Friends