This holiday season, GIVE THE GIFT OF TREES!

you can buy a gift for a loved one that will change many lives for generations to come. 

In Haiti they say "trees are life”. Sadly, decades of deforestation in Haiti has led to environmental, economic, and health problems that impact thousands of families and communities.  Haiti Friends’ Reforestation Program is working with communities in Haiti to solve these problems. We have planted over 3 million trees and positively impacted more than 9,000 Haitian farmers. 

This year you can purchase these one of a kind ornaments for 25$ and we will plant 50 trees in honor of your loved one. They will be able to hang this ornament every year and be reminded of you and the impact you are having in Haiti. The seeds you are planting will have positive benefits now and for generations to come. 

We will return to Haiti in June to plant the trees you have purchased and we will send a picture in the mail of your special trees and where they will grow! Thank you for being part of the solution.5