Haiti Friends Presents

“Manje' Manje”

Musical Guest Michael Brun

Catering by Bon Gout BBQ


On behalf of the Board of the Haiti Friends, please join the Haiti Friends Leadership Committee for 2019, Thursday October 17that the North Park Lodge, 6pm-11pm. Your support will help us #ReforestHaiti and battle the dire effects of climate change in some of the most vulnerable communities. 

Please join us October 17th for our 2019 fundraiser called “Manje Manje," or, “Eat Food”. We will be cooking up award-winning Haitian BBQ, while Michael Brun will be bringing the new sounds of Haiti to the dancefloor. You, as members of the Leadership Committee of Haiti Friends, are the champions of these trees that make life better in Haiti. 


Haiti Friends, through art, expands awareness of the culture of the Haitian people and their economic and ecological needs while improving the environmental conditions in Haiti.  


In both Haiti and the US, the Friends’ mission focuses on education. In Haiti, working with the farmers in the desolate mountain communities, HTRIP technicians introduce farming techniques, which restore the soil and retain the water that is needed for food production for their families. HTRIP serves as a prototype for ecological restoration elsewhere in Haiti, through its unique approach to community ownership, collaborative work, and group decision-making. HTRIP could be used as a national model.

In the United States, art exhibits and presentations at educational and cultural institutions help to shape the global opinion of Haiti as a place of hope and joy, despite the challenging conditions and economic deprivations. The Friends’ gallery houses a large collection of Haitian artwork that is for sale and helps sustain the organization. Since 1985, Haitian art was a means of giving people in the US access to an entire culture. 

By sharing and selling Haitian artwork to people in the US the Friends has shown that artwork is a meaningful tool that might be used to put a human face on the complex problems of a troubled country. 

The Friends shares its artwork through art sales, open-houses, and special exhibits where the Friends host educational events about the Haitian artwork. Mounted in educational and cultural venues, these exhibitions help to illustrate and educate more accurately the needs of Haiti and its population both culturally and ecologically.

Buy a Haitian Flag and Help #ReforestHaiti

For every Haitian flag we sell we will grow and donate 5 trees from our nurseries in the Artibonite to Haitian farmers from in and around Jérémie who lost their trees to Hurricane Matthew in 2016.  Help us heal the enormous ecological devastation in the south of Haiti caused by Hurricane Matthew.  Its easy buy a Haitian Flag and we will plant trees. We need your help!



Your support of our programs in Haiti is changing the environment and changing lives.  



With your contributions, we will continue to focus our efforts in two areas where we have been having great success; ecological restoration and reforestation in Haiti, and the raising awareness of the great needs in Haiti through Haitian art exhibitions and presentations at cultural institutions.


Since its inception, HTRIP has supported local farming groups to plant more than 1.6 Million trees in Haiti. The program goes beyond putting trees in the ground, it cultivates a paradigm shift in the way Haitian farmers approach farming. 


Haiti Friends has, over the last three decades, become a widely known cultural and educational asset. The Friends is now poised to expand its meaningful role in an international movement to improve Haiti’s cultural sustainability.