In Haiti, the Art of Resilience

Bill Brubaker did an amazing documentary for Smithsonian about restoring Haitian art that was damaged in the 2010 earthquake. If you haven't seen it before check it out. 

By Bill Brubaker


Within weeks of January's devastating earthquake, Haiti's surviving painters and sculptors were taking solace from their work

Six weeks had passed since a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti, killing 230,000 people and leaving more than 1.5 million others homeless. But the ground was still shaking in the nation’s rubble-strewn capital, Port-au-Prince, and 87-year-old Préfète Duffaut wasn’t taking any chances. One of the most prominent Haitian artists of the past 50 years was sleeping in a crude tent made of plastic sheeting and salvaged wood, fearful his earthquake-damaged house would collapse at any moment.

For more information visit the Art of Resilience page on Smithsonian.