Haiti Tourism - South of Haiti

Haiti is the ultimate tourist destination in the Caribbean. There are all these great waterfalls, caves, ruins, and mountain tops that when you get there is no one else there but you and few other local people enjoying the view. It isn't wrapped up in a neat Disney package (at least not yet) so it isn't overrun with tourists. The resorts and hotels that they have built for tourists are top notch. The beaches are beautiful and almost never crowded. The restaurants in Petionville in particular are just fantastic. Haitian food in general is great. Its a little earthy, lots of rice, fun fried things, little spicy with the picklies, and lots of really fresh fruit. If you enjoy a drink, their award winning Prestige beer is usually available and ice-cold. Haiti's rum, Barbancourt, is arguably the best in the Caribbean. 

They tell you Haiti isn't safe, but that isn't true. It is a little rough around the edges, but Haiti is a really safe place in the scheme of things. There are way less guns and violence than in the US. Sure the traffic laws are a minimal, so driving can feel sketchy, but there is a natural ebb and flow to it that you get used to. People are really really nice in Haiti. 

This is beautiful.