Haiti: Paradise Lost & Found

It is imperative that we all work together to change the global perception of Haiti. When we think of the the Caribbean we think of beaches, fun, and vacation. When we think of Haiti we think poverty, corruption, instability, and danger. This is a really unfair perception of Haiti. It has been branded this way. 

It is still paradise, and the best way to change the perception is to talk about it and treat it like it is. We can not be angry when we tell people I was in Haiti and they say things like "oh my god! What was it like?" "Were you doing missionary work?" "Was it safe?" "Did you have running water?" You say, "No I was on vacation visiting family, and we had a great time."

We can't be mad that this is the perception we just need to change the perception by telling people not what Haiti doesn't have, but what it does have. Haiti deserves to benefit from tourism and international business instead of solely being dependent on charity. Does that mean charity is bad? No, but Manma Ayiti deserves more than that.  She deserves you, to visit her and to love her, and to treat her like the pearl of the Caribbean that she is.