The Minister of Agriculture, Thomas Jacques, salute the courage of farmers

The agronomist engineer, Thomas Jacques, Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARDNR) thanks from the heart the Ministry staff and all the players involved in the sector, which enabled him to achieve the results obtained for the year 2014, such that in summary :

  • The reform of the MARNDR, retirement of certain executives who have given their time and courage during decades for agricultural development of the country ;
  • The continuation of the development of more than twenty watersheds, the establishment of a strategy of entrepreneurial Agriculture for young professionals ;
  • The extension of a soil survey program on the whole national territory ;
  • The establishment of an agricultural product traceability system and the pursuit of animal identification ;
  • The systematic accompaniment of farmers living in the most remote corners of the country and the involvement of entities responsible for the MARNDR in the pursuit of the Agrarian Policy ;
  • The construction of new irrigation systems and maintenance of legacy systems ;
  • The reform of the agricultural products import taxation system ;
  • The revitalization of rural animation system for the benefit of farmers' organizations.

"All these elements have allowed agriculture to continue to be one of the growth engines of the national economy," stressed the Minister Jacques.

Moreover, he salutes the courage of the women and men farmers that he considers "like the sector development engines", he also welcomes the efforts made by the new entrepreneurs who have placed their trust in the Ministry.

"The Minister of Agriculture, takes advantage of the year-end festivities to wish them a 2015 filled with happiness, hope, determination and belief and ensures them of the continuity of the progress already initiated.

May the Year 2015 be a year of true peace and it marks the beginning of a new Haiti."