The President Martelly launches the 2015 Carnival activities

Sunday at the National Palace, the President Michel Martelly, in the presence of Dithny Joan Raton, Minister of Culture also Honorary President of the Carnival, of Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin, Minister of Tourism and Creative Industries, of Gonzague Day, departmental Delegate West, members of the Carnival Committee, designers and Haitian stylists who participated in the realization of costumes, of Queens and Kings and many guests, proceeded with the opening of the National Carnival 2015.

The ceremony was an opportunity for the Minister Raton, to congratulate the Head of State for his commitment and dedication in the organization of the biggest cultural event of Haiti "you never step back, front any effort so that is realized successfully the course of the most popular cultural festival, and tourist in the country, thank you Mr. President," adding for creative artists "[...] We will not fail in our duty to honor the work that of stylists, the costume of Queens and Kings which during the three fat days, will make us dream [...] For the allegorical floats themselves, this is an unprecedented model, we take the opportunity to congratulate the builders of the latter."

The President Martelly thanked the organizers of the Carnival, for the big work done and took the opportunity to urge revelers to cultivate the spirit of solidarity during this period of festivity, noting that the organization of the largest cultural festival of Haiti, "Nou tout se Ayiti" by putting together to enhance the wealth and expose the talents of our artists.

"The Carnival 2015, I launch today with a lot of emotions, with much vibration reminds us that there is no Haiti without Haitians. It comes to make us think how important it is that every Haitian adds its contribution in Haiti construction we dream of. It also comes to makes us understand that Haiti is all of us and we are all Haiti. The theme of the carnival 'Nou tout se Ayiti', invite us veryone to get their hands, even if we do not all think the same way; to put hand so that we can put Haiti ahead and showcase what the Haitians do, so that we can send a beautiful image and positive signals, which can attract tourists and investment in the country [...]"

"The carnival has arrived, it's time to take your pleasure 'Tèt Kale nan Tèt-Kolé' to have fun in order, in the discipline, without violence, so that all the people who came to celebrate, may return home without problems [...] we take the opportunity to encourage the national police to take all measures to have good security and effective emergency response service throughout the course of the carnival [...]

This year we want, and we take all steps to ensure that the Carnival to be successful, but to make this a reality, we have to agree so that this great event, which creates a lot of economic activity in the country is going well."

Note that during the three fat days of Carnival, 28 young queens will scroll on the course, among them on the chariot of the Presidency, Miss Wadley Belans, the First Queen will represent Nippes and John Pierre, the first King will represent the North Department.