An Afternoon at Wahoo Bay Beach Resort

Going back to the ol grind on a Monday makes me reminisce on just a few weeks ago when I made the drive from Port au Prince up to the Artibonite and stopped off for a few hours at the Wahoo Bay beach resort on my way up. I was traveling with HTRIP founder Starry Sprinkle and Friends Deputy Director Bee Schindler and we where headed up for a few days with our HTRIP team and some students from Yale University's graduate school of Forestry. Knowing we had a few days of business ahead, it was the perfect occasion to sit back and enjoy the tropical afternoon. To boot it was Bee's birthday. 

If you have never made it to Wahoo Bay, you need to. Its a fun little beach resort that is built on a hill with whimsical rolling paths that lead you from the bar and restaurant at the entrance to the lower level pool area half way down the hill and then continue on to the beach where you can find two separate beaches. One sits right along the beach and the other sits in a walled off area with space for beach games like volleyball and plenty of seats under shady umbrellas. Of course the resort has lots of kayaks and canoes you can use not to mention a massive floating trampoline, but if you are like me a few hours swimming is more than enough to make you feel closer to the heavens.  

What would a day at the beach in Haiti be without some classic Haitian fare? We had griot, banan, salad, rice and beans and a little pizza. The pickles were hot and fresh. The water and beer was ice cold. The sun was red hot and the sky was crystal clear. What more could you ask for? Those are the perfect ingredients for a perfect day. I can only hope Bee enjoyed it as much as I did. But how could you not?