THANK YOU Little's Shoes and Merrell Boots for the Haiti Friends Donation


For as long as I can remember I've been shopping a Little's Shoes in the heart Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh. It's owned by a local family, the Sigals. I went to high school with Justin Sigal, and he is now very involved with the business. They sell some of the best shoes on the market. They have great sales people that have been working there for years and feels like a family. I shopped with them for shoes almost exclusively my entire childhood. Our deputy director Bee Schindler once worked there in high school. We also met Starry Sprenkle working there before she moved to Haiti with us and help us start the HTRIP program. 

Some of the nicest boots they sell there at Littles are Merrell Boots. So with all that said, it is a great pleasure to announce that Merrell Boots and Little's Shoes has made a donation of brand-new Merrell Boots for entire HTRIP staff. To truly appreciate what a great gift this is one must first understand the terrain and conditions, which our HTRIP staff works every day. They climb up some of the steepest and rockiest slopes in the mountainsides of the Artibonite in Haiti. They dig in the earth with local farmers using hand tools. They're on their feet most of every day. Having brand-new, super-comfortable, ultra-supportive boots will be a game changer for our staff. From Haiti Friends and the HTRIP program we THANK YOU Little's Shoes and Merrell Boots. Great Donation from great people!