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Coming in February, Ayiti Images will be screening it's 3rd film - Storming Papa Doc by Mario L. Delatour 


"Victorieux ou morts mais jamais prisonniers" - "Victory or Death but never prisoner's" sets the stage and the motto of the new documentary directed by Mario L Delatour. Storming Papa Doc, the English title of this historical reenactment set on on July 28th, 1958, tells the story of ex-army officers from Haiti who are exiled out of the country to Florida, USA only to return with a vengeance to overthrow Haitian President, Dr. Francois Duvalier. Created in animation and inter-cut with interviews of friends and family members of the brigade, the film explores the interesting lives of each member. Portraying a time capsule of Haiti in the 1940's and Florida as a temporary incubator, this artistic film seeks to chronicle what could have been one of the most successful military operations in Haitian history, the removal of the most notorious dictator's of the 20th century.  

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About Ayiti Images 

Ayiti Images is a new Florida traveling film series showcasing documentaries and narrative films about the Haitian experience. The films are diverse in its point of views ranging from issues on US deportation laws, history, Haitian identity to the Haitian Diaspora experience. The series includes panel discussions, networking and music. Collaborating with local Universities, community organization's and cultural institutions, the film screenings will take place throughout the Florida area to expose residents to a diverse conversation about Haiti.