Exhibition - The Haitian painting and its trends

The Museum of Haitian National Pantheon (MUPANAH) unveils its permanent collection through the exhibition "The Haitian painting and its trends". With more than fifty paintings, arranged chronologically, the museum offers visitors the pleasure of assessing trends of Haitian painting over the years.

The exhibition opens with portraits of characters in the history like the colon, Monsieur de Bereau (1733), the wife of Isaac (son of Toussaint Louverture), Louise Chancy Louverture (circa 1799-1884) and the President Fabre Nicolas Geffrard (1837). Then in his travels, the visitors will discover the works of the pioneers of Art Center (opened in 1944, the Centre has marked the international breakthrough of the Haitian art), whose Hector Hyppolite, Rigaud Benoit, Castera Bazile, André Pierre and Tamara Baussan.

The exhibition demonstrates, among other things, the breakup of the Art Centre with the schools of Cap, of Jacmel and of Port-au-Prince through works of Philomé and Donald Obin, of Préfète Duffaut, of Philippe Dodard, Simil and Bernard Séjourné. Works of Tiga, Antilhomme and Louisiane Saint Fleurant of the Saint Soleil movement are also exposed.

The visit of the exhibition "The Haitian painting and its trends" which will continue until December 12, 2014, ends on a contemporary color with the enhancement of paintings of Manuel Mathieu, Edouard Duval Carié, Killy and Odile Latortue.