12 talented young artists to discover

The exhibition "Haiti Reborn" supervised by the Office of the Minister Delegate (Marie Carmelle Rose Anne Auguste), Responsible for Human Rights and the Fight against Poverty Extreme, which presents sixty paintings (acrylic on canvas) by 12 young artists of the movement "Kalfou Richés" is continuing successfully until January 24, at the National Library . Several personalities from the arts and cultural world have already visited the exhibition. Some tables have already been sold, which is a satisfaction for these young talents in search of guidance.

The theme "Haiti Reborn" used by these painters from disadvantaged neighborhoods, refers to the reconstruction of the Haiti ravaged by natural hazards. These young artists, through which various artistic currents between abstraction and surrealism, between the renaissance and realism, especially want to send a message of hope, love and rebirth and make us understand that we can collectively build a Nation both serene and prosperous.

Jimmy Maxon native of neighborhood Cité Neuf in 
Jimmy Maxon native of New City neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, is one of these twelve young designers. He has participated in several exhibitions both in Haiti and abroad. His seven paintings on display are a real plea for the revival of Haiti. For this young painter, who established a close link between the spiral and rebirth, Haiti needs "mental motivation" to get out of the quagmire. "The spiral is something that is not far from abstract. This is something we can not explain. The spiral translates human existence."

The term "reconstruction" is one of the most used words in this exhibition where almost all the paintings exhibited, deal with this issue.

Marie-Dominique Louissaint (native of Cité Soleil) and Papouche Romulus (Martissant), are those who draw the country's reconstruction.

"I dream of a new Haiti, a Haiti where life is good. The reconstruction of that Haiti must go through the education of our children [...] through my paintings, I dream of a better tomorrow for our children and our citizens," explains Marie-Dominique Louissaint.

For the young painter Papouche Romulus "Through my paintings, I point out what should be done for Haiti to rise again, to rebuild this country," expressing his gratitude to his mentor, the painter Richard Barbot, who shares in recent months, his expertise with these young designers from popular neighborhoods.

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