Photo contest open to all

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries (MICT), organizes again this year, a photo contest on the pre-carnival activities as well as the Carnival of Jacmel and the National Carnival 2015, to be held in Port-au-Prince. MTIC invites all amateurs and professionals to compete.

Regulation of amateur contest :
Are accepted all pictures taken on the fly during the pre-Carnival activities, with a photography equipment even rudimentary (phone, tablet...) must be sent to participate in the contest from Monday, January 26. The pre-selected photos, will be posted on the social networks Facebook and Instagram of the Ministry. The 3 photos having received the most "like" on the two social networks combined, will be selected for the grand finale "Amateur of Amateurs" during the presentation of the premiums of

Participants must send its photo (s) by email to: and to

Regulation of professional competition :
All photos taken (maximum 4) by a professional photographer during the Carnival of Jacmel 6, 7 and 8 February 2015, or during the three fat days of the National Carnival 2015 or the 15,16 and 17 February, should be sent by email to :

The photographs received will be evaluated by a jury, which will elect the winner of this category.